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75% Discount Deal

Hair Straightening Price

2-in-1   at   Rs 2500


Best Hair Straightening Price near me in Delhi - 2in1@ 2500 - 75% Discount Deal

2in1 Deal Offer includes Loreal Straightening (+) Keratin Treatment -any length.

Where to go for Best Hair Straightening Price in Delhi? 


If you are looking for the best Hair Straightening price and discount deals in Delhi NCR, you are at the right place. Your search for best Beauty Salon near me in Delhi ends here. Visit our hair salons located in South Delhi, West Delhi and North Delhi and get the state-of-the-art service plus 75% discount Deal of hair Straightening. 


Get rid of frizzy, curly, dry, messy, unmanageable and waved hair. Our professional experts will do the best hair Straightening treatment by using Loreal Products. Get the best hair Straightening Rate and discount deals near you in South Delhi, West Delhi and North Delhi.

How is Hair Straightening going to solve my hair problem? 


Curly and wavy hair need constant maintenance. Not everyone finds enough time to maintain hair. That is why there are treatments like hair smoothening that makes hair smooth and manageable. 


Hair Straightening is suitable for people having hard Curly hair and looking for straight and manageable hair. Hair Straightening is a chemical treatment that will result in straight hair, and you will have naturally manageable hair for the next 6-7 months.


How do I trust on Coolcut Club Salon for my Hair Straightening work? 


Coolcut club salon is member of Loreal from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair Straightening (Loreal website link attached below)


 Loreal is also providing training to our staff at regular intervals. All this result in quality service to customers. Our salons are equipped with cutting edge tools and equipment and state of the art facilities that boost the efficiency & quality of our services and in turn customer Get Unmatched Long Lasting Permanent Straight, Smooth, Shiny Hair .

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L'oreal Hair Straightening
(Any Length)

2 in 1 - 75% Discount Deal
(+) Loreal Hair Straightening
(+) Keratin Treatment
(Any Length)

2000 /-

2500 /-

Hair Straightening - FAQ's

Why Should I Choose Combo Treatment of Hair Straightening and Keratin Treatment? 


Hair Rebonding is a chemical treatment, and it should be followed by keratin treatment - which is hair protective and repair treatment - makes hair strong, smooth and manageable. Keratin Treatment is laminating the hair with keratin protein. (Going for or choosing only Hair Rebonding treatment is not advisable towards good hair management) 


keeping this in mind one should go for combo procedure of Hair Straightening and keratin Treatment for better hair care. After combo treatment use of Keratin shampoo is good choice for day-to-day smoothness and shining of hair. 


What Products we are using for Hair Straightening? 


Coolcut club salon is member of Loreal from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair Straightening.


What is the expertise of staff doing Hair Straightening? 


Our staff is trained by Loreal in their academy on regular basis. This resulted in quality service to customers without any complaint. 


How much time and number of sittings required for combo treatment of Hair Straightening and Keratin Treatment? 


Hair Straightening requires about 2-3 hours, and the same time of 2-3 hours is required for keratin treatment. You need not require coming again and only one sitting is required for whole process. It is advisable to take prior appointment. Parlor timing is 9 am to 9 pm. (Tuesday off)


How long Hair Straightening treatment last? 


In one month about 2 inches new hair grown to every person and in 6 months about 1 feet new hair growth is there. This new hair growth requires hair Straightening treatment . We can say that Hair Straightening Treatment usually recommended 2 times a year. 


Thus, Hair Straightening treatment lasts for up to 6 months. However regular use of keratin shampoo increases the lasting period of hair Straightening.


Why should I Choose Hair Straightening Treatment? 


 1. Good for people who do not want artificial looking straight hair. 

 2. This procedure will leave your hair looking naturally straight and smooth

 3. Hair Straightening makes hair look natural soft that can set to desired shape. 

 4. Hair Straightening and keratin products can help straighten your hair and make it look healthier 

 5. Hair Straightening is strong treatment suitable for thick and hard curly hair. 

 6. Curly and wavy hair need constant maintenance. Not everyone finds enough time to maintain hair .Hair Straightening makes hair smooth and manageable. 


What is the difference between Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening?


let’s see the similarity between Hair Smoothening and Hair Straightening. 


 1.Both are using the same chemical for hair treatment. 

 2.Both are permanent hair treatment process. 

 3.Both treatments have lifespan of up to 6 months.

 4.Both have same goal to make hair straight. 


Difference of hair smoothening and hair Straightening only lies in the procedure. 


 1. Hair Smoothening procedure takes less time while Hair Straightening is long time taking procedure. 

 2. Hair Smoothening uses less chemical while Hair Straightening uses more chemicals. 

 3. Lesser use of pressing iron is there in Smoothening while higher use of iron is there in Straightening.

 4. Hair Smoothening is most suitable for thin hair while Hair Straightening is for thick hair. 

 5. Hair Smoothening saves hair due to lesser procedure time while there is more hair exposer in Hair Straightening. 

 6. Hair Smoothening Lifespan is slightly less than Hair Straightening. 

 7. Hair Smoothening is Milder Treatment while Hair Straightening  is strong treatment. 


final decision depends on what do you want. If you want perfectly straight hair then Straightening is what you should go for. While if you just want to add some smoothness and shine to your hair, better to get Hair Smoothening done. It is relatively milder than Hair Straightening . 


Above 90% persons are choosing Hair Smoothening Treatment in Delhi. Only persons having hard curly hair (like African style hair) are choosing Hair Straightening Treatment.


How is Hair Straightening Treatment done in the salon? 


 1 – Hair Wash: First Hair wash from purifying shampoo for 5-10 minutes than rinse out the shampoo and towel dry the hair. Total process time is 15 minutes 

 2 – Straightening cream Application: Once hair become 100% dry then start applying  Straightening cream section wise, product to be used very carefully ,evenly and in adequate quantity to every section one by one. Leave cream for 30-40 minutes.This cream is responsible for making hair straight. 

 3 – Wash off Cream: After the application time is completed ,wash off  cream thoroughly and towel dry the hair .

 4 – Ironing the Hair: flat Ironing of the hair done, Ironing rod should be good quality and must have ceramic plate to have good results, section by section iron the hair, section should be small and repetition will be 8 to 10 time per section. 

 5 – Application of neutralizer : Apply neutralizer cream to eliminate the impact of chemicals . Leave it for 25-30 minutes and wash off thoroughly. 

 6 – Ironing the Hair: Again flat Ironing of the hair done, section by section iron the hair, section should be small and repetition will be 8 to 10 time per section.


Tip : Do not wash your hair for 48 to 72 hours or tie it back since these things can prevent the setting of hair. After the treatment, you’ll be asked to avoid water in the swimming pool and use keratin shampoos for post treatment care. 


Can Hair Straightening Treatment be done on thin hair?


Effects of Hair Straightening are better when it is done on thick hair.  Hair Straightening  is strong treatment and suitable for thick hairs. However thin hair requires extra maintenance after any chemical treatment and to minimize the side effects of chemical treatment it is advisable to go for keratin treatment –which laminates the hair shaft with keratin protein and protective layer and makes hair thicker and strong. It is recommended to choose combo treatment of hair Straightening and keratin treatment for better hair care.


Can Hair Straightening Treatment cause hair loss or hair damage or hair fall? 


During hair Straightening process - use of chemicals and heat makes the hair follicles weak. However, this weakness of hair shaft can be reversed by applying Keratin Treatment – which is hair protective and repair treatment – Keratin treatment laminates the hair shaft with keratin protein and makes hair strong, thicker and manageable. Keeping this in mind one should go for combo treatment of Hair Straightening and keratin for better haircare. 

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