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Hair Color Price

L'oreal Majirel Global  at   Rs 1000

L'oreal INOA Global  at   Rs 1500


Best Hair Color Price near me in Delhi - L'oreal at Rs 1000 - 75% Discount Deal

Where to go for Best Hair Color Price in Delhi? 


If you are looking for the best Hair color price and discount deals in Delhi NCR, you are at the right place. Your search for best Beauty Salon near me in Delhi ends here. Visit our hair salons located in South Delhi, West Delhi and North Delhi and get the state-of-the-art service plus 75% discount Deal of hair color. 


Our professional experts will do the best hair Color by using Loreal Products. Get the best hair Color Rate and discount deals near you in South Delhi, West Delhi and North Delhi.


How do I trust on Coolcut Club Salon for my Hair Color work? 


Coolcut club salon is member of Loreal from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair color.


Loreal is also providing training to our staff at regular intervals. All this result in quality service to customers. Our salons are equipped with cutting edge tools and equipment and state of the art facilities that boost the efficiency & quality of our services and in turn customer Get Unmatched Long Lasting Permanent color Hair.

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Rs 1000

Hair Color - FAQ's

Can I apply Global Hair Color after Hair Smoothening / Keratin Treatment or any other Hair Treatment? 


Application of global hair color is possible after hair treatments like Rebonding treatment, smoothening treatment, keratin treatment or straightening treatment. However, there must be a gap of at least 4-5 days between the hair color and hair treatment.


Can I apply global hair color on Heena / Dye coated hair

It depends on how long you have been applying henna on your hair. You might need extra hair session to get rid to henna coating and shading on your hair. Dyed hair comprises use of strong and harsh chemicals and coating them with a global hair color might need some patience.


What Products we are using for Hair Coloring? 


Coolcut salon is member of Loreal from last 20 years and using Genuine Loreal products for hair coloring.


What is the expertise of staff doing Hair Coloring? 


Our staff is trained by Loreal in their academy on regular basis. This resulted in quality service to customers without any complaint. 


How much time required for hair coloring process? 


Hair coloring process requires about 2 hours It is advisable to take prior appointment so that hair coloring job can be completed without waiting. Shop timing is 9 am to 8 pm. (Tuesday off)


How long Hair Coloring last? 


In one month about 1-2 inches new hair grown to every person and in 6 months about 1 feet new hair growth is there. This new hair growth looks awkward and requires hair coloring again. However, hair color life span can be extended by root touch up. 


What is the difference between normal hair color and ammonia free Hair Color?


let’s see the similarity between normal Hair color and ammonia free Hair color. 


 1.Both are permanent hair color.

 2.Both treatments have lifespan of up to 3 months - can be extended by root touch up.

 3.Both have same goal of hair coloring. 


 Difference of normal hair color and ammonia free hair color lies in the chemicals used. 


 1. Normal Hair color are in the market from last many years while ammonia free colors are next generation future Hair colors. 

 2. Normal hair colors uses more chemicals than ammonia free hair colors. 

 3. Use of strong /harsh chemicals is there in normal hair colors while skin and hair friendly soft chemicals are used in ammonia free colors. 

 4. Normal Hair colors are most suitable for cost conscious persons while vice versa for ammonia free hair colors. 

 5. Ammonia free Hair colors saves hair due to lesser harsh chemical exposer while there is harsher chemical exposer in normal hair color. 

 6. Ammonia free colors Lifespan is slightly less than normal Hair Colors. 

 7. Ammonia free Hair color is Milder process while normal hair colors are strong process. 


The final decision depends on what do you want. However, you must never pick the cheaper hair color alternatives accessible in the market as they consist of ammonia which ruins your hair quality, making it brittle and rough. 


How is Hair color done in the salon? 


 Step1 – Hair Wash: Hair wash to Rinse Out all the pollution and impurities from the hair to get the best result. 

 Step2 – Mixing Global Color: 80 ml developer in 1 tube, 40 ml developer (20 Volume) in half tube. 

 Step3 – Color Application: Coloring work is complete in two parts firstly by parting it and applying by brush section by section to cover the full hair,

 Step4 - Secondly color application is only for hair, no skin contact on face / ears or the back of the neck. 

 Step5 – Hair Rinse – After 40 minutes rinse out all the color from the hair by using shampoo, here use only normal tap water.

 Step6 – Blow Dry: Need to dry the hair 100% very gently with blow dry to give final touch. 


Is it possible to change the hair color if I don’t like some color result? 


Well, it depends on whether you have opted for the temporary or permanent hair color. If you are not sure about the color tone, go for temporary hair color and then opt for a permanent one later on. Through recoloring you can change and get desired result. 

Does Global Hair Color cause damage? 


Hair color might lead to hair damages if you pick the cheap ammonia filled hair coloring products. Always use reputed branded products like Loreal to get the damage-free hair coloring done. 


Will Stylish (fashion shade) Global Hair Color cover my Grey Hair?


If your preference is to cover the greys, go for even hair color to impart a younger and fuller look that looks stylish as well. 

Is there any issue if i apply global hair colour to highlighted hair? 

If your hair is already treated with the highlights and that especially the permanent ones, you can easily change the hair color through global hair color. Few stylists can also tactfully color your hair with various hues and combine the highlights with a stunning effect! 


How do I maintain global hair color? 


Do you know that if you take the right precautions, your hair color can last quite long? Use of color protective shampoo helps in long lasting of hair color Treating your hair with chemical poses risks such as hair fall, hair damage, allergies and weak roots, this damage can be reversed by Loreal power -Dose hair Treatment.

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